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Family Matters Surrogacy is a comprehensive surrogacy agency
dedicated to helping families achieve the child of their dream.

Family Matters Surrogacy

Future Parents

We have decades of experience in the Surrogacy profession, where creating your family is our expertise and number one goal. Our expert staff works diligently to allow you and your surrogate to focus on enjoying the pregnancy while we handle all of the medical, legal, and personal support throughout the entire journey.

Family Matters Surrogacy

Where creating your family is what matters.

Family Matters Surrogacy

We look forward to helping you build the family of your dreams through surrogacy.

Family Matters Surrogacy

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Helping Families

Family Matters Surrogacy is a comprehensive surrogacy agency dedicated to helping families achieve their dreams of having a child. With over 15 years of experience in the surrogacy profession,

creating your family is our expertise and number one goal. We understand that every client has their own needs and we are here to customize a program to meet those needs. Family Matters Surrogacy is dedicated to making the process a memorable one for all parties. Our expert staff works diligently to allow you and your surrogate to focus on enjoying the pregnancy while we handle the medical, legal and personal support throughout the entire journey. At Family Matters, you are never alone.

Supported Pregnancy

Family Matters Surrogacy, LLC was created from the desire to give surrogates a supported pregnancy with love and nurture while helping Intended
Parents experience

the best pregnancy from afar as possible. from the desire to help intended parents find their ideal surrogate, while nurturing surrogates through pregnancy.

Surrogate Applicants

At Family Matters Surrogacy, creating your family IS what matters! We take our time to get to know surrogate applicants and intended parents which gives us the opportunity to make the best match.

We pride ourselves in having a face to face interview with each and every person that is accepted into the Family Matters Surrogacy program. Our informative staff also joins the surrogate for her medical screening, embryo transfer, 20 week ultrasound and delivery! We offer diligent care, attention and support throughout the journey! Our goal is to ensure that the surrogate and intended parents have the best chance of delivering a healthy baby!
…….Creating your family is what matters!

Family Matters Surrogacy

What Our Clients Say

Surrogate mother

– Surrogate Mother –
From the moment I spoke to Breann, I knew becoming a surrogate through Family Matters Surrogacy was my best bet at comfortably becoming a surrogate. The process of applying and getting approved was so smooth and easy. It helps that Breann herself was a surrogate, so she had personal experience with the process and she was very empathetic to my needs and the nuances of a surrogacy journey. That meant a lot to me, as she was able to connect with me in ways that I didn’t experience with other agencies I had spoken with previously. Having someone that understands the journey and the process is HUGE in my book. I always felt informed and I felt like Breann went above and beyond to ensure that the intended parents were always kept in the loop. Being a surrogate mom was extremely rewarding, and I couldn’t have asked for a better agency to represent me and guide me through the process.

Surrogate mother

– Surrogate Mother –
Family Matters Surrogacy is the best surrogacy agency in San Diego. Breann made sure that I was well informed of the process and how my surrogacy journey could be planned out in a way that made me comfortable in every aspect. My greatest accomplishment besides having my own children has been helping a family in need to start their own family. My surrogacy journey was amazing. I am thankful to have worked with such a great agency. Family Matters Surrogacy is hands down the best.

intended parents

– Intended Parents –
Since the day we met Breann at a local coffee shop, she took care of us and our concerns in every way. She was always very patient and empathetic to our circumstances. We spoke with several agencies before we chose to go with Breann and her agency Family Matters Surrogacy, and she was by far the most down-to-earth and sincere person. Other agencies came across as cold and business-like, which in this niche, didn’t sit well with us. We wanted our surrogacy journey to have a more intimate feel. Although there are some financial components involved, our experience was very much warm and relatable. We had so many questions throughout the process, but we were always provided clear answers. Breann always made us feel recognized and a priority. Being that we are not from the United States, it helped immensely that Breann served us in so many different capacities. We are forever grateful to her and our surrogate for bringing us our bundle of joy!

Family Matters Surrogacy

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    • I cannot say enough amazing this about Breann at Family Matters Surrogacy! Upon meeting Breann she asked me for everything I wanted and needed out of this journey and advocated... read more

      chantel Davis Avatar chantel Davis
      October 1, 2020
    • *this is long* As a currently pregnant as a second time surrogate for this company I could not be any happier with my choice of turning to FMS when deciding... read more

      Leandra Mayorga Avatar Leandra Mayorga
      October 1, 2019
    • Family Matters Surrogacy is a wonderful agency in every single way. I was a surrogate for this agency and I have nothing but good things to say about my entire... read more

      Denise Alcala Avatar Denise Alcala
      October 1, 2020
    • I just want to give credit where its deserved. Breann of Family Matters Surrogacy is such an amazing person. My wife and I contacted Family Matters Surrogacy hoping to get... read more

      Brent Graves Avatar Brent Graves
      October 1, 2021
    • Breann and her team at Family Matters Surrogacy is absolutely amazing. This was my second surrogacy journey and it far surpassed my first journey. Breann was able to be present... read more

      lindsay lewis Avatar lindsay lewis
      October 1, 2020
    • I had a wonderful experience with Family Matters Surrogacy LLC. The staff was supportive, understanding, and guided us through every step of the surrogacy process. Their expertise and compassion made... read more

      Catherine Lee Avatar Catherine Lee
      September 30, 2023
    • A few years ago I was speaking with a friend who was beginning a surrogacy journey. I was curious so I asked her a million questions about the process.... read more

      Stephanie Cleary Avatar Stephanie Cleary
      October 1, 2019
    • The team at Family Matters Surrogacy is really, truly wonderful. My daughter was born in June 2019 and I am forever grateful to Breann for being our ally,... read more

      Alon Sachar Avatar Alon Sachar
      October 1, 2020

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